The Egyptian music producer and DJ, Ramy, known as Raam Band, has decided to revive the musical heritage by performing a traditional song with the Egyptian folk artist, Hegazy Metkal.

Raam Band revealed his intention to compile some of the Egyptian traditional music by the renowned artist El-Rees Metkal and redistribute it with the voice of Hegazy Metkal’s daughter. He mentioned that he had planned this idea with Hegazy since 2010, but it was put on hold due to the revolution. Now, he has decided to revive it, with the intention of shooting it as a music video. He explained that the idea emerged after he presented a collection of African traditional music, collaborated with various African bands during his trip to Kenya, Tanzania, and Zanzibar, where he performed music concerts in North and East Africa. He also mentioned his influence from collaborations with the world-renowned Eastern jazz musician Yahya Khalil and the Ghanaian African jazz musician Ebo Taylor.

Raam Band stated that he began blending Eastern and African musical heritage with global music during his performances in Porto Ghaleb Village in Marsa Alam, which served as a fertile platform to showcase many stars from Egypt, the Arab world, Europe, and America, including Beyoncé, Nabil Shuail, Abdullah Al Rowaishid, Haifa Wehbe, Myriam Fares, Nancy Ajram, Mohamed Mounir, Mohamed Hamaki, and Mohamed Fouad. This had a significant impact on encouraging him to weave Egyptian and global heritage together in a song with Hegazy Metkal, representing the Egyptian style and character.

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