Oasis Dream (feat. Fady Yazbak) (FATOUMA Remix)
Song Name: Oasis Dream
Mix Type: Vocal Mix
Content ID: Remix
Artists: RAAM BANDFady Yazbak
Music BPM: 118
Release Number: 006
Release Date: Sep, 2nd 2023
Release ID: ℗ 4939076 Records DK
Music Genre: Electronic Music, House Music, Deep House Music, Organic House

Oasis Dream (feat. Fady Yazbak) (FATOUMA Remix): A Harmonic Fusion of Cultures
In the melodic embrace of 118 BPM, RAAM BAND collaborates with the soulful Fady Yazbak in the enchanting “Oasis Dream (feat. Fady Yazbak) (FATOUMA Remix).”, this vocal mix transcends musical boundaries by blending traditional Arabic elements, featuring Fady Yazbak’s vocals, with two timeless old songs – “FATOUMA” from the Levant region and “Karoun Karoun,” an Armenian gem.
The remix becomes a captivating journey, seamlessly weaving together diverse cultural threads.
Imagine standing in an oasis where the air is filled with the aromatic essence of traditional Levantine melodies. Fady Yazbak’s vocals, resonating with the authenticity of the Levant region, become a guiding force through this sonic landscape. As “FATOUMA” merges with “Karoun Karoun,” the harmonies create a bridge between Arabic and Armenian cultures, forming a musical tapestry that honors the richness of both traditions.
The beats of electronic, house, deep house, and organic house music serve as the rhythmic heartbeat, uniting the old and the new. RAAM BAND’s artistic vision allows for a seamless integration of traditional sounds with modern beats, offering a unique listening experience that transcends time and place.
As the remix unfolds, it becomes a celebration of cultural diversity, a testament to the universal language that music speaks. The collaboration with Fady Yazbak and the incorporation of “FATOUMA” and “Karoun Karoun” add depth to the narrative, creating a space where different cultures coalesce in a harmonious dance of sound.
“Oasis Dream (feat. Fady Yazbak) (FATOUMA Remix)” is not just a musical remix; it’s a bridge that connects generations, cultures, and musical traditions. Whether played in a club, at a cultural celebration, or in the quiet moments of reflection, let the beats and melodies transport you to an oasis of unity and appreciation for the beauty that emerges when diverse cultures come together in harmony.
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